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There are many benefits to installing a new concrete patio in your yard. A concrete patio can be installed on any type of soil, giving you more freedom with the design and layout of your property. The durability of concrete also means that it will last for years without fading or cracking!

We can tell you everything you need to know before having a new concrete patio installed. As part of our process, we outline important considerations such as paving materials, styles, and costs; discuss the process from start to finish; give some great examples of what is possible; show why we are the best company for your project; and provide help to answer any questions you may have.

For all your patio or paving needs, concrete is particularly effective in the climate of West Texas as it is more efficient than other types of paving or patios.

​We are the best company for your project because we offer a wide range of styles and decorative finishes to suit any need, can create custom designs from sketches, photos, or hand drawings and use only premium materials that will not crack or crumble. Professionalism is of the utmost importance to us and we will be sure to take care of any and all your needs.

Concrete Paving

Concrete can be styled to give the appearance of many other materials and is available in a wide range of colors.
The concrete patio creates an inviting atmosphere for you and your family to relax or entertain guests, offers many options for design which will extend the life of your home’s exterior with low maintenance required. Concrete patios are also more energy efficient than other types of paving as they stay cool during hot summer days while not retaining heat on cold winter nights.

In addition, if properly installed (with the right equipment), it can be resurfaced at any time without having to tear up new concrete. This makes our product much less expensive over its lifetime versus wood decks that need constant replacement every few years because of wear from weather conditions such as rain and wind erosion along with insects.

Paved areas and patios are perfect to construct pergolas, outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas.

Start by preparing the surface of your patio or paved area to be ready for installation. This includes removing any plants, shrubs and other obstructions that may interfere with the concrete’s placement as well as grading the slope so it is even across all surfaces in preparation for a flat slab layout.

After this process has been followed closely, you will need to prepare your site properly before we can recommend how many bags are necessary – factors such as thickness (or depth) and size of area being installed will determine what type bag would best fit these parameters.

One way to ensure that there are no errors at any stage during construction is consulting an expert like one from Concrete Paving Odessa who knows each step needed when

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