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Stained Concrete in Odessa Texas

Add Color and Style to Your Concrete Project

Concrete is a sturdy building material that can be used for many different things, but it doesn’t have to be ordinary. You can work with concrete and create lots of patterns, techniques, and finishes.

​One option is stained concrete. Staining concrete brings patios and sidewalks back to life by adding color and style! Call one of our experts today so you too can use this technique on your own project!

When staining concrete, the first step is to clean the surface of any dirt or debris that could interfere with the staining process. Next, a base coat will need to be applied as this foundation color for the stain later on. The concrete should not have been sealed previously and needs to be dry before applying the sealer; otherwise it may crack when stained.

​The most common stains are black, brown, red-tone (for brick), white, blue-grey (to mimic natural stone), green/grey (stone look) and brown tones, ranging from light cream to dark chocolate hues of rustic earth colors, like terra cotta. These colors give so much versatility to concrete projects. If you want your patio or sidewalk different shades then simply apply two coats of one type of stain in alternating directions so it creates a unique look.

When deciding on what type of stain to use, make sure you know the project’s end goal and consider if it will be exposed to anything that could cause damage such as cars or construction machinery. For example, there are one-coat stains for patios with no worries about vehicular traffic and a two-coats for those with busy foot traffic. There is also concrete sealer coatings which can protect against harsher elements like salt water fogging in coastal areas but they don’t help curb reflection when looking at floors from certain angles so this should be considered before applying them. In West Texas, we have a wide variety of stains to choose from.

​When it comes time to stain concrete, there are also many different techniques that can be used as well as an infinite amount of colors which all depend on the type of project at hand. One would typically start by applying one coat with a roller brush or trowel in alternating directions for a two-color effect, then repeating this process until desired color saturation is achieved.

Can Old Concrete be Stained?

​​It is possible to stain old concrete but for best results, it is best to power-wash the surface first. This will remove any dirt and grime that has accumulated over time, leaving a clean slate for staining concrete.

For stained concrete applications, there are two types of stains: penetrating liquid stains which penetrate into the pores of the concrete’s top layer or pigmented dye stains which sit on top of the existing color in order to create their effects. The type used depends on what look you’re going for; if you desire more contrast and depth then use an oil based stain but if you want a lighter tone with less contrast then use water-based sealants instead.

There are also many different techniques when applying stained concrete too such as adding decorative stones or mosaics before sealing so it is best to speak with an expert to become aware of every available option.

For most projects other than decorative flooring, the stained color will always end up darker so try experimenting with lighter shades before moving onto anything more intense such as reds or oranges.

​Our team are experts in all things decorative concrete and can help you to choose the perfect finish for your project.

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